i’d been brewing kombucha tea for a couple months and then i forgot to start a new one a few weeks ago and i thought my scoby was dead. but then i showed it to my friend heidi, who i got my first scoby from, and she said it looked really healthy. who knew!

so i brewed up some fresh tea to put the scoby in. i used four bags of black raspberry for one. for the other i used two bags of the black breakfast blend tea and two berryblossom white.

i poured the boiling water into these measuring cups to brew the tea. i added room temperature water later to fill up the quart sized jars.

the scoby made a little baby so i started two jars of tea brewing. you can see it in the first picture above, there’s a thicker scoby and a thinner one on top. i’m really excited about this!
kombucha tea has a great many health benefits which you can read about on food renegade. they also have some good instructions on growing your very own kombucha scoby. maybe one of these days i’ll write a full tutorial on it myself.

so here are my two jars of tea fermenting. i think i’ll bottle them in eight or nine days. there will be a blog post when it happens.

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adventures in food

today is the beginning of our gluten free experiment. we’re also revisiting veganism. i was raised mostly vegan and have been vegetarian for my entire life. no, i’ve never eaten meat. ever. i know, crazy, right?
we’ll be doing this experiment for a month, or longer, depending how it goes. also, i’m not super strict about things, like, i used some butter in our dinner but i’ll be trying to avoid it. i enjoy moderation.



2 garnet yams
1 onion
1 portabello mushroom
1 stem of fresh basil
4 eggs
olive oil
garlic salt
rainbow pepper


bake the yams on a cookie sheet at 375′-400′ for 30-45 minutes, until a knife goes easily through them. remove them from the oven and let sit for a few minutes. take the peels off and put them in a bowl. add about four tablespoons of butter and some rainbow pepper to taste.


dice the onion and mushroom. saute in a cast iron skillet with some garlic salt. chop the basil finely while the onions and mushrooms are cooking. add it when they’re just about done.


fry up your eggs in the same skillet, no need to wash it out or anything. my kids like ketchup on their eggs. (oh, so gourmet.)


i cut up a fresh apple to go with everything else.
such a simple meal but so delish!
make sure you get yams, and not sweet potatoes. unless you want sweet potatoes. yams are actually sweeter, ironically. sweet potatoes are more of a yellow color and yams are darker, more orange. just so you know.


this morning we went on a quick little roadtrip and i took this picture out the car window. it’s really peaceful to see places where it’s just open. you can really just breathe. i like it.


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tuesday tunes

music that inspires me. i am not afraid.


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magic monday

magic monday


a little piece of my world


no words

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of hooping and changes

it’s almost the end of january but i’m still mentally recapping the last year. so much has changed and all for the better, or at least towards the better. i’m still feeling a little whiplash at the speed of life, though. still reeling a bit. my babies are all growing so fast!

i’m very happy with all the newness in my little corner of the universe. 2012 is going to be a beautiful year, i can already feel it. it feels like spring is nearly here with the warm winter we’re having.

lots of exciting things are happening.

gardening has also been on the brain a lot. i so missed gardening this last summer. especially after reading my friend emily’s blog last night. she’s incredible!

my newest hobby is hula hooping. it’s so addictive and enjoyable. there are also a lot of health benefits to hooping! i made all my own hoops and i’ve been watching tons of tutorials on you tube to increase my skills and i can’t wait for summer to hoop outside all day and make videos!
this video is what i’m going to learn:

here’s my own knee hooping video:

and then, there is also fire hooping in my future. oh, hells yes!

my hoops.

all the kids have hoops too.

i’m knitting calorimetry with some gorgeous yarn dyed by my friend chelsea of plum street fiber. this is the third project i’ve started with this yarn and i think it’s finally met it’s destiny.

i’ve been reading the dhammapada here and there. i really enjoy buddhist philosophy. i don’t know if i’ll ever really practice serious buddhism but i appreciate the insight and wisdom in the writings of the buddha.

i’ve been working on accepting what i believe. or, don’t believe, more accurately. there has been a slow paradigm shift over the last three years from me fully believing the religion i was raised with to gradually embracing doubt and uncertainty. everything makes sense to me now. i feel like i’m on my true path. i have never felt more happy, content, and at peace with the world. and with myself. we tend to define ourselves so narrowly by the beliefs that we cling to. it somehow makes us feel safe. (this is a delusion). i think it is the major cause for hate, and judgement, and prejudices in our world. we need to let our opinions be softer, less harsh. none of us are perfect. we need more kindness, more true love. i feel like so many of us hate ourselves subconsciously because we don’t measure up to society’s/the media’s standards. whether it’s about how we look or how much money we make, where we live…we’re always being told it’s not good enough, that we need more. or different. we live in a selfish and greedy society especially in america. i want to change my tiny contribution to society to one of love and acceptance, contentment and joy. i reject the notion that material things can make me happy or successful or valuable, and embrace the concept that i am intrinsically valuable. i am worthy of happiness and love. and that i am connected to every living being in the world. we are all valuable and worthy of peace, bliss, and utter contentment. my mission is to take that vibe wherever i go, starting in my home with my family. i don’t think i’ll ever make a huge impact on the world, but, even a tiny grain of sand dropped into water makes ripples. i’m blithely optimistic and i think if we all could start truly loving and accepting ourselves we could have a real revolution.

it’s all about perspective.

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it’s been an intense year. here are some things that i did:

homebirthed my third baby.

finally got a really good tan.

stopped drinking soy milk.

got my very first very own apartment.

let my kids eat meat, and i didn’t freak out.


killed some tomato plants.

read books.

washed approximately two hundred and sixty loads of laundry.

made some new friends.


discovered i like a good, dark beer.

got a divorce.


went to a local concert without any of the kids.

embraced doubt.


went camping. real camping; where you have to pee in the bushes. and you hear elk at night.

found the one who got away.

spent time with good friends.

departed from my faith in the religion of my childhood.

cried. a lot.


bought a new {to me} car.

had a child undergo general anesthesia for a minor dental surgery. {way worse for me than her.}

cooked about a thousand meals.

had the best thanksgiving holiday ever. i don’t even really celebrate thanksgiving but the company was unprecedented.

went to a music festival.

spent some time at the lake.

experienced loss.

frequented the farmer’s market.


attempted to teach my four year old to knit.

did a lot of sidewalk chalk art.



drank lots of coffee.

took hundreds of pictures.

made millions of memories.


here’s to two thousand twelve. it’s going to be a good year. i can feel it.

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