adventures in food

today is the beginning of our gluten free experiment. we’re also revisiting veganism. i was raised mostly vegan and have been vegetarian for my entire life. no, i’ve never eaten meat. ever. i know, crazy, right?
we’ll be doing this experiment for a month, or longer, depending how it goes. also, i’m not super strict about things, like, i used some butter in our dinner but i’ll be trying to avoid it. i enjoy moderation.



2 garnet yams
1 onion
1 portabello mushroom
1 stem of fresh basil
4 eggs
olive oil
garlic salt
rainbow pepper


bake the yams on a cookie sheet at 375′-400′ for 30-45 minutes, until a knife goes easily through them. remove them from the oven and let sit for a few minutes. take the peels off and put them in a bowl. add about four tablespoons of butter and some rainbow pepper to taste.


dice the onion and mushroom. saute in a cast iron skillet with some garlic salt. chop the basil finely while the onions and mushrooms are cooking. add it when they’re just about done.


fry up your eggs in the same skillet, no need to wash it out or anything. my kids like ketchup on their eggs. (oh, so gourmet.)


i cut up a fresh apple to go with everything else.
such a simple meal but so delish!
make sure you get yams, and not sweet potatoes. unless you want sweet potatoes. yams are actually sweeter, ironically. sweet potatoes are more of a yellow color and yams are darker, more orange. just so you know.


this morning we went on a quick little roadtrip and i took this picture out the car window. it’s really peaceful to see places where it’s just open. you can really just breathe. i like it.



About Mostly Hippie Mama

I'm a believer in attachment parenting, eating real food, unschooling, being honest, homebirth, natural medicine, hard work, doing it yourself, being frugal and that being in the wilderness is the best way to find yourself. I love my family and living life.
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2 Responses to adventures in food

  1. Cloud says:

    That’s awesome. šŸ™‚ Well maybe not the egg bit. Yuck. But all that other stuff is pretty darn good.

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