it’s been an intense year. here are some things that i did:

homebirthed my third baby.

finally got a really good tan.

stopped drinking soy milk.

got my very first very own apartment.

let my kids eat meat, and i didn’t freak out.


killed some tomato plants.

read books.

washed approximately two hundred and sixty loads of laundry.

made some new friends.


discovered i like a good, dark beer.

got a divorce.


went to a local concert without any of the kids.

embraced doubt.


went camping. real camping; where you have to pee in the bushes. and you hear elk at night.

found the one who got away.

spent time with good friends.

departed from my faith in the religion of my childhood.

cried. a lot.


bought a new {to me} car.

had a child undergo general anesthesia for a minor dental surgery. {way worse for me than her.}

cooked about a thousand meals.

had the best thanksgiving holiday ever. i don’t even really celebrate thanksgiving but the company was unprecedented.

went to a music festival.

spent some time at the lake.

experienced loss.

frequented the farmer’s market.


attempted to teach my four year old to knit.

did a lot of sidewalk chalk art.



drank lots of coffee.

took hundreds of pictures.

made millions of memories.


here’s to two thousand twelve. it’s going to be a good year. i can feel it.

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About Mostly Hippie Mama

I'm a believer in attachment parenting, eating real food, unschooling, being honest, homebirth, natural medicine, hard work, doing it yourself, being frugal and that being in the wilderness is the best way to find yourself. I love my family and living life.
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One Response to two.thousand.eleven::recap

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I love this blog. I love your words and thoughts. 2011 was so busy! I hope 2012 brings you more happy tears than sad, amazing adventures, immeasurable love, and no hate! 🙂 I love you.

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